Why Should You Use Sun Screen Lotions in Summer?

Sunscreen is essential in summer to avoid sunburn and damage to the skin from UV rays. Sunscreen has a long history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where rice bran extract and jasmine were used to shield the skin from the sun. The first commercial sun skin lotion was invented in 1936, and it only improved with time. Modern sunscreens are water-resistant and are an innate part of cosmetics and beauty products.

Why use sunscreen?

These reasons will convince you to buy sunscreen this instant if you don’t own one already.

Shields From Harmful UV Rays-

Over the years, the ozone layer has only depleted, resulting in the penetration of many harmful sun rays. While we do get Vitamin D does from the sun, constant exposure does more harm than good. Applying sunscreen blocks these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and helps avoid skin disorders.

Lowers Skin Cancer Risks-

While sunscreen is predominantly associated with beauty, it can also help prevent some deadly skin cancers, especially melanoma. Repeated exposure to the sun can cause various skin problems. This problem is prevalent, especially with women in their 20s. Sunscreen helps avoid such adverse effects as it acts as a protective layer to the skin.

Prevents Premature Aging-

The majority of dermatologists suggest using a good SPF sunscreen rather than investing in anti-aging creams. Sunscreen acts as a protective coating from the harsh sun rays that have damaging effects on the skin.

While sunscreen doesn’t stop or delay aging, it sure helps skin stay healthy by shielding it from UV rays. Harsh sunlight damages skin and makes it dull. Regular exposure to sunlight can result in irreversible damage and early onset of wrinkles. Sunscreen prevents that.

Prevents Sunburns-

Sunburns weaken your skin, subjecting it more to bruises. Your skin may suffer from peeling, swelling, redness, hives, and itching, which can cause irreversible damage to the skin. The blisters can escalate the risk of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen to avoid all this.

Prevents Tanning-

Tan is good as it is a natural defense against the sun's rays. But there is a limit. Constant sun exposure can give excessive tan because of excessive melanin production. Choose the right sunscreen, which is at least SPF 30. Make sure to re-apply sunscreen every two hours as its effects fade within that period.

Enhances Health of the Skin-

Sunscreen acts as a protective shield for essential oils and proteins on our skin. Thus overall enhancing our skin health. While many people do not understand the importance of proteins and essential oils on our skin, sunscreen sure does.

There are many traditional methods to take care of the skin. Applying neem oil for skin lightening is one of them. It acts as a protective layer for the skin, like sunscreen.

Sunscreens act as a shield against the harmful UV rays which penetrate every time your skin is exposed to the sun. Hence it is essential to use sunscreen every day. While you may overlook the benefits now, but the advantage of using sunscreen is in the long run.

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